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the american declaration of independence mean what they say, we should do what we can to apply them to egypt. that means telling mubarak 30 years is a good run. allow a transition to occur now. it seems president obama is doing the right thing in protecting the people of egypt on their desired road to democracy. that's "hardball" now. thanks for being with us. the last word with lawrence o'donnell starts now. on the first day of black history month, president obama finds himself in the middle of struggles for rights. the right to democracy in egypt and the right to health care here at home. >> i believe health care is a right and not a privilege. >> that's wrong. it's unconstitutional. >> a judge ruling the health care reform unconstitutional. it's about rights. >> states have rights.
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>> he wrote quote, the act, like a defectively watch needs to be resigned. >> buying stuff can be regulated. but, if i am not buying anything, how can you regulate me for not doing anything? >> republicans are calling it proof that the law is massive overreach. the requirement, this bill falls. what about other mandates? is it against the law to be required to have automobile insurance? >> the president did not want to return to last year's fights. we'll have the supreme court decision on health care during his next campaign. >> politics of this is without limit. it makes it part of every state house race in the country in 2012. >> the supreme court will decide by a 5-4 ruling. >> we cannot go back. >> the obama administration make as bold move to democracy.
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>> we hear your voices. i have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny. >> friendly persuasion. >> a message from president obama that said don't run in september. >> the egyptian president informed not only his own country, but the world, his intention is not to run in the next presidential election. >> the protesters knew this was coming. they said this is totally unacceptable. >> but, there is still a struggle for rights in america. now, surprise voice for the right to marry. >> barbara bush breaks with her father on a key social issue. >> i'm barbara bush. everyone should have the right to marry the person they love. join us. good evening from new york. i'm lawrence o'donnell. in south dakota, republican legislatures introduced a bill requiring all residents to purchase a gun. within six months of their 21st
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birthday, residents would be required to buy a gun suitable to their temperment, physical capacity and preference. if it sounds like a joke, a bad joke, it's because it is. the south dakota republicans have no expectations of their bill becoming a law. they introduced it to make fun of a bill that's already become a law. president obama's health care law. it fits into a larger and permanent theme that government is always, except when making war, more worthy of ridicule than respect. government is, to borrow a phrase, a confederacy of dunces and not worthy of our attention. if 45 million people cannot afford to take their place in the health insurance market, that's their problem. while south dakota republican legislatures make fun of the
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individual mandate and republican senate leader mitch mcconnell makes noises about repealing it, four federal judges ruled on the constitutionality. they have found the obama bill constitutional in its entirety. a federal judge in virginia in december found the mandate unconstitutional but let the rest of the obama health care reform law stand. that judge, appointed by a republican president. then, yesterday, in the most serious attack on the bill to date, serious because it is the only way this law could be erased from the federal law books, a federal judge in florida ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and because congress neglected to make it part of the bill, the entire law is unconstitutional. that judge, appointed by a
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republican president. the obama administration justice department will repeal to put the case on track before the supreme court in 2012. today, republican senator lindsey graham opened what he called the third front in the challenged to obama health care. a bill that allows states to voluntarily opt out of the health care law. that bill faces virtually no chance of passing in the senate and would suffer a presidential veto, if by some miracle it did pass both houses of congress. the house went into overdrive spinning false confidence about the strength of their legal confident in the repeals process. but, the truth is, the current united states supreme court posture is distressable by checking if it's appointed by a republican or democratic president. most assume there will be four
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reliable votes in support of the president's bill in the supreme court and four against it leaving all eyes on anthony kennedy as a possible swing vote. so, after 69 million 456,897 people voted for barack obama to be president and reform health care and after 218 members of the house of rep zenties and 60 house members voted to reform health care, in the end, it may come down to one vote, cast by a person who was not elected to office. is it any wonder that egyptians don't listen more closely to what we have to teach them about democracy? joining me now is jonathan turley. thank you for joining us. >> hi, lawrence. >> democrats made a mistake by
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not writing that the bill is severable meaning if courts find bits of it unconstitutional, they can sever the bits from the law. democrats insist it is implicit in this kind of law. who is right? >> well, first of all, it was a colossal mistake not to have a severability clause. it's a standard clause. it's not clear why it was kept out. some say it was a blunder. some say it could be a game of chicken. they wanted to make clear, if you take out the individual mandate, you are risking the entire bill to give the judges a bit of sticker shock. either way, it was a mistake. it opened the door to allow a judge like him to strike the entire act. it is certainly true, you do not need a severability clause. that's exactly what judge hudson did in the virginia.
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he was encouraged to strike down the entire law of virginia. he chose not to. i agree with that decision. i think he did the right thing there. but, the democrats really laid themselves open in how they drafted the act. judge vinson is not totally out of line in saying that severability was put at issue when they did not include the clause. the interesting thing is the clause is in an earlier draft of the legislation and removed. something judge vinson notes in his opinion. >> i can tell you, jonathan, that's the kind of mistake that occurs when they are in the panic writings of the legislative writings. things they tend to be in there can slip out. i want you to consider the reference the judge made to the boston tea party in his judgment. he said, it is difficult to imagine a nation that began, at
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least in part as the result of opposition to a british mandate giving the east india company a monopoly and posing a nominal tax on all tea sold in america would create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place. that feels political to me and to equate, to mention the boston tea party and raise the issue of tea party in the year of the tea part. but isn't he wrong to equate it with the power to tax? it's constitutional and is not disputed. >> i think that was a very unfortunate reference. there's a lot in this opinion that i think should have been removed. i did not like how the atmospherics of the opinion read. that was too clever by half. i think that the judge was trying to make a point, but did
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it in the worst possible way. he may be tone deaf in terms of the political implications of it. as you know, it doesn't raise the operative question. lawrence, the question with this entire debate is that there is a legitimate legal issue here. there's a constitutional question over federalism. it's legitimate. one that the supreme court left in a bit of disarray. there are strong cases on both sides. people can disagree. we look at the cases through the politics. there is a legitimate issue there. i didn't feel the opinion did as much justice as the people on that side would have hoped for. i think all the rhetorical undermined the opinion. i thought the virginia opinion, while it was more dry, was probably more effective in terms of moving the ball for people who oppose the health care
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program. >> reasonable people can disagree. how will the reasonable anthony kennedy feel about this? we need to know right now? >> years ago, i proposed the supreme court should be expanded to 19 members for this reason. it is too small. i will note, justice kennedy voted with the majority, the two opinions that struck down federal laws on this ground. he has a record of going with the more conservative justices. he would have to break slightly from those cases to rule against an opinion like judge vinson. >> thank you for your guidance. >> thank you. the individual mandate has been a political football originally introduced by republicans in 1993 as a counter to the clinton's bill that was condemned in the harshest possible terms by hillary clinton and other democrats,
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includesing democrats who voted for the individual mandate in the obama bill. members of each party embraced it. it's political and policy weaknesses have driven many into the medicare for all camp which president obama said was the ideal way to extend health care coverage. joining me now to discuss the politics of the individual mandate are msnbc contributor and professor of politics, melissa harris perry and ari. ari, as a candidate for president, president obama said single payer is the ideal way to go, if we could design a system now in the most favorable terms. but, given the plan he came out with, he was against the individual mandate, hillary clinton was in favor of the individual mandate in one of the
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greatest political flip-flops of all time. should president barack obama have trusted his instincts and supported the bill? >> it's a great question and the great irony here. this approach was seen as a compromise. something that bob dole and other republicans supported. now, this part of it is the linchpin of attacks that could wipe out the whole thing. i think there's definitely an important piece here, especially for progressives. there could be a medicare buy-in approach that wouldn't be facing these problems. many people said it's so naive to take the approaches. now, so many are looking smarter. the other quick point, judge vinson did note obama's shifting opinion here. i thought it was very odd.
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the question before the courts should not be the wisdom or consistency of these political issues. the only question before the court is whether congress had the power to do this and whether the president changed his mind is not jermaine to that. it was an odd point. >> it was. the reason so many senators and congressmen have been for the individual mandate or against it is because whether it's good policy or not, it's politically radioactive because among other reasons, it is relatively easy to ridicule as the legislatures have shown us. do you think they underanticipated how much trouble this provision was going to cause them? >> i'm not sure they underanticipated it. i'm not sure they had a lot of room to maneuver. this is wednesday morning
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quarterback. do we remember how ugly this was? how ugly just getting what is clearly for progressives, a bill that is insufficient. . insufficient because it doesn't do what the rhetoric claims it does, create a big government capacity to reach in and provide health care. quite the opposite. it creates an individual mandate. when you look at the politics of this decision, which i think are stunning, even on the third page, the judge goes into this long, rhetorical flurish about federalism and state's rights is primarily about the protection of individuals, ignoring the critical history that federalism and states rights was about the protection of american slavery. it was a political decision to maintain american slavery. to pretend federalism is about
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states having something special that the federal government doesn't have is so bizarre that it has to be motivated by politics. the only thing good i can see is at least if we are going to decide on the courts there can be no individual mandate to have to buy health insurance, maybe we can agree there is no right to an individual mandate to carry an unwanted pregnancy to term. it is bizarre on how they decide which elements of your life the government should get in and mandate you to do. >> let's listen to ann on the individual mandate. >> if this is constitutional, republicans should turn around and mandate all citizens be forced to purchase a gun and bible. there's more evidence that owning a gun and bible is better for society than everyone having to own health insurance.
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>> is the problem here with the individual mandate doesn't convey the intent of the legislation which is a shared sew sighettal responsibility when it comes to sharing the giant pool of basically insurance protection. >> i'm sorry. i am dying to see the study that says having a bible and gun is better than health insurance. that's got to be a great study. yeah, i think part of the problem is we focus not on health care, but health insurance. this is the limitation of how the health care reform discussion happened. i think we can clearly see in societies where we have broadly available health care, we have better health outcomes and we have fewer health disparities. that's what we are going for. because we are so focused on private market incentives and solutions, we couldn't get past the notion of health insurance rather than health care.
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>> as soon as you find the studies about guns being good for you and somewhere in the princeton library, you must have them, you have to come on the show. thank you both for joining me tonight. >> thank you, lawrence. >> thanks. the biggest protests to date in egypt triggered a major response. will it be enough for angry egyptians? it doesn't sound that way. how are egyptians reacting to president obama's statement? richard engel is live in cairo. the daughter of george w. bush comes out in support of gay marriage. the republican party struggle with the acceptance of gay rights. s., the shipping industry in norway, and the rubber industry, in south america? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex global economy. it's just one reason over 80% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average.
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it only took a few protesters in the street to convince the king of jordan to sack his presidency. ♪
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♪ over seas, over land, on the web, on demand ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ operations worldwide, ups on your side ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ >> translator: the stability of the nation to ensure the peaceful transition of power. >> you are now looking at a live video feed from egypt where angry protesters are planning to march to president mubarak's home on friday, not satisfied by his statement that he would not seek re-election in september. immediately after his statement, they chanted, "leave, leave" and
8:23 pm
shots were fired as riots erupted. the friday of departure as protesters are calling it is aimed at pushing mubarak to leave office immediately. the u.s. government is trying to maintain influence in egypt after 30 years of support for the beneficiary of elections there. frank wise ner is on his way back to washington tonight after telling mubarak that his tenure was coming to an end and that it was time to step down now, according to a senior u.s. official. president obama watched the speech live and he spoke just after 6:45 this evening after meeting with a foreign policy team. he made a 30-minute call to president mubarak himself. >> it is not the role of any
8:24 pm
country to determine egypt's leaders. only the egypt people can do that. what is clear and i indicated to president mubarak is an orderly transition must be meaningful, peaceful and begin now. the young people of egypt, i want to be clear. we hear your voices. i have an unyielding belief that you will determine your own destiny. >> joining me now with the latest live from cairo, nbc news richard engel. the message to mubarak evolved from don't seek re-election to you should leave now. what are the chances he will get the message and leave before the protesters march on his home on friday? >> it doesn't seem that way at
8:25 pm
all. he said he will die in egypt. i don't think he could have been clearer than that. he will not run for another term, but he will die in this country. mubarak has been playing a bit of a shell game. every day, he's revealing something new. first, he'll reshuffle his cabinet, then he will replace the vice president. now, he says he won't run for another term in office. he's 82 years old. he's almost 83. for egyptians when they hear him say he won't run for another six-year term, they don't think it's much of a succession at all. they are making it clear he should go and he should go now. he's not doing that. it remains to most egyptians unclear, are they backing him or not. i understand english, i heard
8:26 pm
the president's speech and i'm not sure if he's backing mubarak or not. >> i'm getting the feeling from what you said, protesters did not hear what they wanted to hear from the president even though the shot we showed of the president's speech is where he clearly is trying to communicate to the protesters. >> well, he's saying we hear you. we understand you. this is president talking to the protesters. the protesters told me, tell the president, as if i had direct phone line to the president, we want a message in support of us. tell the president, obama, to tell mubarak to leave. that does not, according to egyptians that is not what happened. instead, they are agreeing on an orderly transition. according to mubarak it means he
8:27 pm
stays in power until september. that is a long time from now and that would mean that the president would still be here until september. he would be able to organize elections and able to help choose new candidates for elections, a pattern that happened in the past. they think, elections would be rigged like past elections. they want the president to be clear. if you ask the protesters, i they they would like president obama to book him a ticket. >> the protesters are smart, passing their messages on to the president on to you. i'm sure the president is too busy to be watching the show. i'm sure the white house is watching and making the president aware of the word on the street you are getting. would mubarak, if he left office by the end of this week actually be able to live out his days in egypt and die in egypt?
8:28 pm
>> probably. the egyptians are very upset. they are calling for him to leave the country. if he just stepped down and said here is another person who is going to be a caretaker government until new elections, they would probably calm down. they are spun up, they are angry with mubarak. they are demanding he leave. he's not been hated the entire time. this is not like saddam hussein, if he walked down the street, he would be lynched. they think mubarak has had his time. he hasn't managed well, according to most egyptians, for the last decade. if he said he was going to step down, the protesters would allow him to have an honorable exit. >> thank you for reporting live
8:29 pm
from cairo tonight. >> my pleasure. after the break, former state department leader on how the rest of the middle east is reacting to the uprising in egypt. later, barbara bush breaks with her father and announces she's for alawing gay partners to marriage. perez hilton is in the spotlight for the civil war inside the republican party over same-sex marriage. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city people want to live and work in. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. [ male announcer ] an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime.
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after his speech tonight, i spoke directly to president mubarak. he recognizes the status quo is not sustainable and a change must take place. indeed, all of us privileged to serve in political power do so at the will of our people. >> joining me now, executive editor of the bloomberg view, jamie ruben. the president spoke to president mubarak for 30 minutes. this is a follow up to his phone call on friday as we discussed on friday's program. what does the president have to do in the second phone call? >> prior to the call, he sent an envoy frank wisner to mubarak. i think the tough message was delivered he cannot sustain
8:34 pm
himself in office any longer. he made an attempt to get six or eight more months out of it. the president was saying it's not going to work. look at the people on the street. there were practical issues that you discussed with richard. what would he need, treatment, security. asking someone to leave office after 30 years, life is going to change a lot. >> is that likely to have come up in a phone call president to president? >> not in a mundane way, but a generalized way that could be followed up to lower levels. >> would president obama be making leading references to if he left -- >> it's possible. if you left, we are going to see that you always have the security you need or something like that. our militaries will work
8:35 pm
together. things that let the individual know that the united states is not going to abandon him. i think this is the funny part. a lot of the kissing types are saying somehow we can't let an ally down. he's been there for 30 years. we are not letting down someone who has been president for a short period. we have a close relationship with the country. he's been there 30 years. we have supported him for 30 years. i think it's reasonable after 30 years of pushing him to make the democratic change that he isn't making and didn't make for us to say we warned you, we told you you needed to make these things. if he said a week ago what he said today, he would have made it. he would have survived. he did it too little, too late. >> with a reliable neighbor of israels falling into chaos, how much time do you think the president is spending on the
8:36 pm
phone with benjamin netanyahu after these phone calls? >> i expect there's a lot of contact being made. secretary of state is making phone calls to people in the region. i'm sure the israeli-u.s. contact is very intense. i think it's also fair to point out that the president has made a choice to devote full presidential attention to this, a statement tonight, a statement the other night. two major phone calls. in theory, and not in theory, in reality, this could be delegated. this is not a war that requires the commander in chief to be hands on every day. if you go back to the nixon era, kissinger, therefore hillary clinton. he's choosing to be engaged in the details. the reason i think, because
8:37 pm
twice now, he's gotten slightly on the wrong side of the issue of democracy movements. the iran case, more concerned with making a nuclear deal and didn't want to mess that up. now, not wanting to risk the peace process. i think he's giving the statements and sending the message played earlier to the egyptian people on the ground. yes, i do hear you. don't get me wrong because you think i have other priorities. i think they are concerned at the white house that getting on the wrong side of the megavalues issue is something they don't want to do. >> thank you for sharing your insight with us tonight. >> thank you. still ahead, barbara bush, daughter of the president who campaigned on a constitutional ban on gay marriage just did a video supporting gay marriage. perez hilton on the changing
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okay. like if you are the senior senator from new york, what do you do when you run into a cast member of the "jersey shore" who is actually from new york. if you are senator chuck shumer, one of the most famous people you can run into, you are polite and wave to the crowd and to snooki. if you are snooki, surrounded by fans and paparazzi, you completely ignore everyone telling you that your senator is passing by. especially if they don't tell you what a senator is. >> snooki, senator schumer is
8:42 pm
waiting for you. >> the senator from new york. >> snooki do you know your senator just passed by? >> despite the snub, senator schumer knows his place and discovered the next season of "jersey shore" will be filmed in italy. >> it will be filmed in italy, do you have any comment on that? >> i would rather they film it in new york. coming up when perez hilton asked a miss universe her opinion on same-sex marriage, he set off debate. tonight, a comment made by one of president bush's daughters advocating gay marriage rights. mitt romney stands by a
8:43 pm
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time for tonight's rewrite. perez hilton asked a miss usa contestant, not a miss universe question. now, mitt romney is on a tour for "no apology." he's pretending not to be a candidate for the white house. the media is going along with it. the book is, how should i put it? a pack of lies. rather than focusing his energy and political capital on solving the economic crisis, president obama exploited it. we need a u-turn from the policies of the past few years. oh, yes.
8:46 pm
that horrible antieconomic saving the auto industry. that's what the president was doing that mitt romney failed to notice. then there is this. democrats do not believe in america as it was shaped by the founders. they do not believe that the principles and values that made america a great nation still apply. the book is filled with more lies, but we don't have time for it tonight. romney's campaign for the republican nomination is in serious trouble because of an apology republicans want from him over the mandate that he wrote into massachusetts health care reform law when he was briefly governor. >> even karl rove, president bush's formal rival said the number one challenge for you getting the nomination is your
8:47 pm
enforcing of this one person. you are sticking by the title of your book. >> i point out the things i do differently. i'm not going to apologize for the right to craft a plan to help their people. i can tell you this, the politics are something i'm not going to give a lot of worry to. >> are you apologizing for imposing that requirement? >> of course i'm not apologizing for it. i'm indicating that we went in one direction and there are other possible directions. i would like to see states pursue their own ideas. that was the idea of the democracy, try ideas, state to state. we did not say the federal government can make its choice and impose it on all the states. >> poor mitt.
8:48 pm
unless he can figure out how to rewrite that answer, you have seen why he cannot win the republican party's nomination for president. the republican party and a federal judge have now made the individual mandate the key issue for the next presidential election. so, in order to run as the republican nominee, mitt has to find a way to rewrite that answer. i, for one, am not clever enough to rewrite that answer in such a way republican voters will forget such a flip-flop. but, we all know, this is how you don't do it. >> i actually did vote for it before i voted against it. ♪ mama said there'd be days like this ♪ ♪ "there'll be days like this," mama said ♪ ♪ mama said, mama said ♪ mama said, "there'll be days like this" ♪ [ male announcer ] the toughest job on the planet just got a little easier. with one-touch technology and even an air scrubber. the all-new nissan quest.
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innovation for family. innovation for all. ♪
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our favorite golden globes host ricky gervais talks about the golden globes saying the ratings went up again and the organizers asked me to consider a third year. will we get more jokes like these at next year's globes? >> also not nominated, i love you phillip morris, jim carey pretending to be gay. the opposite of some signtologists, then. my lawyers helped me with the wording of that joke. many of you know him from the
8:51 pm
betty ford clinic and los angeles county jail, please welcome robert downey jr. >> a statement was e-mailed from the president, phil burke. there is no truth to this rumor. we have not asked him to come back. nice try, ricky. the hollywood foreign press association knows about manipulating the press than ricky does. if they are going to invite him back, they need to keep this controversy alive for as long as possible. as long as we get to show new video of ricky, we are happy to do our part. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad. so, they give expedia ginormous discounts with these: unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. my brain didn't even break a sweat.
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in tonight's spotlight, the new battles over same-sex
8:55 pm
marriage. in iowa, the republican controlled house voted to support a ballot measure to outlaw same-sex marriage. it's after a big name supports it. her father turned down enough. >> i'm barbara bush and i'm for full marriage equality. new york is about fairness and equality. everyone should have the right to marry the person they love. join us. >> barbara bush, one of the twin daughters of former president george w. bush joins a growing list of republican leaders breaking ranks with their famous relatives. among them, meg gan mccain.
8:56 pm
perez hilton asked this unforgettable question of carry prejean in 2009. >> vermont was the fourth state to legalize same-sex marriage. do you think every state should follow suit? why or why not? >> i think it's great americans are able to choose one or the other. we live in a land that you can choose same-sex marriage or ob sit marriage. in my country and my family, i think that i believe marriage should be between a man and a woman. no offense to anyone out there. it's how i was raised. thank you. >> perez hilton, welcome to "the last word." thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure.
8:57 pm
it was so long ago. >> isn't it a lifetime ago? even in relationship to this issue of gay marriage, it seems like if you have a chance to ask that question, again, at that same beauty pageant you could get a different answer now, don't you think? >> i would definitely ask the same question. perez has evolved and i'm kinder and gentler. afterwards, i would have made a video, but not called her the b-i-t word. >> what is your sense of what an announcement like this by young barbara bush does to this issue? >> you know, i have always said, it is the youth of america that are going to take us toward marriage equality. i don't think it's a question of if it's going to happen. i think it's a question of when. people like your daughter will be the ones that will give me
8:58 pm
the freedom, hopefully, before i die, to get married. it's a right everybody deserves. >> do you have the feeling that i do that these kids are actually representing the way their families think and the politicians in their families do not hold the harsh views of this subject privately, that they found themselves doing for political gain? >> i hope so. i know that the president himself is not in favor of gay marriage, but in the '90s, he was. somewhere along the way, politics came into play and he changed his opinion on the matter. maybe if he's reelected obama will come out and support gay marriage like he helped overturn don't ask don't tell. one day, when they are old enough to speak for themselves, the obama daughters will hopefully stand-up for equality, too. >> perez, do you think there's a
8:59 pm
way for the relatives of politicians to be doing something beyond where they have gone so far or is this enough to say this is what i think. megan mccain doesn't want to be asked to influence her father and i have tried to do that with her on this show. is it enough for her and others to come out and say this is what i think about this? >> i was actually shocked that barbara bush made that commercial/endorsement for marriage equality in new york. it's one thing to state your opinions. but, it's another thing, completely and very powerful to say i'm barbara bush on the record in front of a camera trying to convince others the past of equality is the way to go. congratulations to barbara. i hope jenna follow suit and others follow by example as well. >> here is a line

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